Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An update to April Fools...

I'm so sorry readers, but I just found it, PRANK I PLAYED ON MOK YAN YIE!!! No hard feelings yeah Yan Yie, it was april fools =D

The following took place between her and I:

[4/1/2010 12:35:31 AM] mok.yan.yie: y u want to c me

[4/1/2010 12:36:32 AM] Ranil J Phil: Yan yie

[4/1/2010 12:36:36 AM] Ranil J Phil: the thing is

[4/1/2010 12:36:39 AM] Ranil J Phil: i have seen you around

[4/1/2010 12:36:45 AM] Ranil J Phil: and yan yie

[4/1/2010 12:36:48 AM] Ranil J Phil: i can help but notice

[4/1/2010 12:36:49 AM] mok.yan.yie: but i c u la

[4/1/2010 12:36:53 AM] Ranil J Phil: how pretty u look

[4/1/2010 12:37:05 AM] mok.yan.yie: i am not pretty 1 la

[4/1/2010 12:37:13 AM] mok.yan.yie: no nid to c lo

[4/1/2010 12:37:15 AM] Ranil J Phil: but you are pretty to me yan yie

[4/1/2010 12:37:22 AM] mok.yan.yie: no

[4/1/2010 12:37:26 AM] Ranil J Phil: and i want ot see you cuz, ur just so beautiful

[4/1/2010 12:37:33 AM] mok.yan.yie: fastel is the prettiest

[4/1/2010 12:37:41 AM] Ranil J Phil: no shes not

[4/1/2010 12:37:43 AM] Ranil J Phil: you are

[4/1/2010 12:37:45 AM] mok.yan.yie: although i duno who is she

[4/1/2010 12:37:45 AM] Ranil J Phil: yan yie

[4/1/2010 12:37:47 AM] Ranil J Phil: i think i love you

[4/1/2010 12:37:56 AM] mok.yan.yie: no

[4/1/2010 12:38:05 AM] mok.yan.yie: yak

[4/1/2010 12:38:16 AM] Ranil J Phil: yan yie

[4/1/2010 12:38:18 AM] Ranil J Phil: wo ai ni

[4/1/2010 12:38:22 AM] mok.yan.yie: no

[4/1/2010 12:38:23 AM] mok.yan.yie: la

[4/1/2010 12:38:28 AM] mok.yan.yie: so dan

[4/1/2010 12:38:32 AM] mok.yan.yie: damn

[4/1/2010 12:38:34 AM] Ranil J Phil: ur hair smells so nice also

[4/1/2010 12:38:39 AM] mok.yan.yie: no

[4/1/2010 12:38:44 AM] mok.yan.yie: is smelly

[4/1/2010 12:39:01 AM] Ranil J Phil: no smelly

[4/1/2010 12:39:05 AM] Ranil J Phil: smell so nice wor

[4/1/2010 12:39:16 AM] Ranil J Phil: i smell until i want to fall down

[4/1/2010 12:39:23 AM] mok.yan.yie: (puke)

[4/1/2010 12:39:34 AM] Ranil J Phil: not puke

[4/1/2010 12:39:41 AM] Ranil J Phil: U really pretty la yan yie

[4/1/2010 12:39:43 AM] Ranil J Phil: also ah

[4/1/2010 12:39:46 AM] Ranil J Phil: i want to tell you

[4/1/2010 12:39:47 AM] mok.yan.yie: ofcoz 1 la

[4/1/2010 12:39:55 AM] Ranil J Phil: Wo ai ni yan yie

[4/1/2010 12:39:59 AM] mok.yan.yie: tell me wat

[4/1/2010 12:40:04 AM] mok.yan.yie: omg

[4/1/2010 12:40:06 AM] Ranil J Phil: HAHA

[4/1/2010 12:40:07 AM] Ranil J Phil: no la

[4/1/2010 12:40:12 AM] Ranil J Phil: HAPPY APRIL FOOLS

[4/1/2010 12:40:12 AM] mok.yan.yie: go n love another la

[4/1/2010 12:40:20 AM] mok.yan.yie: cheah

[4/1/2010 12:40:24 AM] mok.yan.yie: same to u

[4/1/2010 12:40:29 AM] Ranil J Phil: but really, i love you yan yie

[4/1/2010 12:40:31 AM] mok.yan.yie: happy april fool

[4/1/2010 12:41:51 AM] Ranil J Phil: Happy april fools yan yie

[4/1/2010 12:41:52 AM] Ranil J Phil: =D

[4/1/2010 12:42:08 AM] mok.yan.yie: same to u

[4/1/2010 12:42:13 AM] mok.yan.yie: lar

[4/1/2010 12:42:18 AM] Ranil J Phil: good night

[4/1/2010 12:42:24 AM] mok.yan.yie: i want to vomit already al

[4/1/2010 12:42:26 AM] mok.yan.yie: la*

Monday, April 12, 2010


Why is it so hard. People say life has its ups and downs, so where the hell are all my ups? Every single time I make a move, its either a wrong one or an ineffective one. If this is gods way of testing me, its so damn difficult to endure.

Things just have to happen at the same damn time. Before I even knew it, Form 5 came along, stressing everyone around me. I look around, seeing people with books, and I question myself.."Do they have a social life?" Fact of the matter is that they may not seem to have a social life now, but look at their bright futures, they can be anything they want to be. What happens to slackers like me? End up behind times, probably some road sweeper, watching my other brothers gaining instant fame. It's so simple to type all of this but damn studying is hard. I'm such a hypocrite, asking people to study when I don't even take my own advice, sorry Avelyn. God dammit!

The best part about this year tho, is reuniting with distant/long lost friends. Most importantly, I get to spend time with her. I'm not really bothered if anything happens to me, as long as shes there, I'll bring down Mount Olympus with my bare hands! I think she notices but I'm not sure. I don't want to repeat my mistake, ultimately making me look like an ass and loosing a friend in the process. BUT GOD DAMMIT! I don't even talk to her best friends, I need help!!! (I know, first time the Afro Indian needs help but what the heck, life's too short)

To you, my special lady, I hold you dear in my heart. If you do like me, accept my rude attitude, my crude language, my scruffy-ness and my low intellect, please drop more hints for me to pick up, just to be sure you are in as well. Ahh damn, this is though but yeah, opposites attract. You seem like such an opposite of me, well behaved/mannered, beautiful and organized at most!

Damn, this whole illusion is taking its toll on me, Owh well, what are free periods for other than taking a nap? =D
Please help me out here...Please
Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you Adure!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

Deng, so yesterday was April Fools and guess what, it was the worst April Fools ever....I got tricked twice, once by yoong and once by Navian.

This happened with Navian:

Navian: Ranil, Mr Viki's calling you
Ranil: Alright

*walks out of door*

Navian: April Fools!!!
Ranil: Okayyy...That was pretty lame..= =

But non the-less, I did get tricked. To make things worse, I only played 3 April Fools pranks, and 1 was a failed attempt. DAMMIT!

1st person I tricked was Feon-na, Teehee! Sorry na, just had to do it =D
2nd was Mok Yan Yie a.k.a Stylish *wink*
3rd was Esther Ng (failed attempt)

This happened between me, Edmond and Esther Ng;

Ranil: Dude I really needa trick someone, Im having (Prankitis). I know, I'll play the oldest card in the book, confession.

Edmond: But who man?

*looks around, spots Esther*

Ranil & Edmond : Esther =D

*Edmond calls Esther to on corner, for the confession*

Ranil: Esther, I have to say this out now, I can't take it anymore

*takes her hands, holds it gently yet tight, and looks her right in the eyes for a few seconds*

Esther: What?? Why looking at me like that

Ranil: Esther, you're the most gorgeous person I've ever seen. I can barely take my eyes off you, and your eyes, I could get lost in them, yet never wanting to be found.

Esther: Owh cmon, Its April Fools =)

Ranil: No Esther, I really mean it, I really really like you =D

Esther: Yeah yeah, April Fools

Ranil: DOWH! Dammit! Haishooo!!!

Through all of that, Edmond was looking with a serious look to help with the ambience, sorry bro, it din work...Aih! I also tried being like stylo confession type to Shuk Yin at the end of the day. She was leaning on the door, so i slammed my hand on the door, looked deeply into her eyes and like try to say corny/so called romantic stuff...I CAN'T DO IT TO HER!! SHES LIKE MY KRYPTONITE OR SMTH! She just smiles at me, with that innocent small kid smile. I just couldn't do it. Trust me, I tried twice!?!?!? I bet thats gonna be her only weapon against me..Damn! Shuk if you're reading this, I'm finding another way to disturb you >=D

Damn, boring la weh! Anywayz, waiting the arrival of my long lost brother Albert Lim...Come home fast mate, we're all waiting =D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God Damn Exams!!!!

Dammit!! GOD DAMMIT! Screw exams...this is the worst one yet...bloody failed 3 subjects in total.

Freaking AddMath, Bm and Moral...I swear this is my first time failing Bm...HOW THE HELL DO YOU STUDY BM??? SON OF A B**CH!!!

So far, Im quite disappointed with my results, as we all...So, back to books people = =!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you Adure!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A friendly Convo with my Darling =D

So yeah, me, Jia Min and Albert are in a convo right now, discussing some need to know stuff and guess what...I MADE AN IMPRESSION ON HER !!!! =D =D =D... LOOKY!!!

[10:00:40 PM] Ranil J Phil: i would never do that, to such a beautiful yet stunning young lady such as yourself
[10:00:50 PM] fatsel.!: ..........
[10:00:54 PM] fatsel.!: *cough

Owh yeah, SCORE 1 =D

[3/28/2010 10:17:17 PM] fatsel.!: nights darling
[3/28/2010 10:17:32 PM] Ranil J Phil: night night sweety

Score 2, =D

[3/28/2010 10:16:37 PM] fatsel.!: nights hun x
[3/28/2010 10:17:20 PM] Ranil J Phil: alright
[3/28/2010 10:17:21 PM] Ranil J Phil: ciao
[3/28/2010 10:17:22 PM] Ranil J Phil: bye hun

Score 3, =)

Credits to my bud Jm, who is so open-minded...=D Love ya girl! Owh no! My manlyhood...Teehee!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you Adure!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Waterpolo Baby!

Owh yeah, God I love waterpolo...We got 1st baby, 1ST!!!

But yeah, we did play rough huh ben =D Well let me give you a synopsis of the whole thing.

"Our hearts were racing against the clock, as Ben got the ball, he passed it over to me for a divine intervention of imbalance. I knew the whole team was relying on my prowess of the game. As the burden grew heavier and heavier, I decided to take the shot. A burst of energy shot through me, my hands grew lighter and SMACK! It was a SCORE!!!

Thats how it exactly happened...CHEH WAH! Beruang went up against harimau first while Seladang went against helang. During the match, boy we're we rough, first Jing Tye got sent out, followed by Zane (Harimau), then Ben. As usual, I couldn't keep quiet.

The ball fell right in front of me, as usual, who wouldn't react as to take the ball to pass, but the WHORE eugene held both my hands underwater. I didn't think of just kicking him away, but instead released my right hand. Well, you thought I would have got the ball but SMACK! My right hand just reacted to hit his head and push him underwater. Guess what, *PEEP* Sent out
= =! Damn you Eugene. And when I scored a goal, 2 meter of side! WTF!!! Not counted = = but revenge was taken, when EUGENES TRUNKS TORE!!! Credits to Jing Tye!!! *bows*

We still won tho, with a score of 8-4 i reckon. The match between helang and seladang went on. Helang did amazing, even though they lost, Hats off to them. They played a good game especially Xin you and Caezun. Seladang won but with a close score of 5-4.

Then our turn against Seladang. Ee leng told me to go easy on Seladang players, so I did. Well she didn't see what was going on underwater =D. Junbo of seladang was the person to kena! Underwater, sparks were flying. Kicking here, pulling trunks and all. Then some dude got the ball. I was in front of him so I started splashing water and moving a shit load. He got scared and dropped the ball = =! Then Jin, Yeh Bonne's bro got the ball, I shouted "EIIII!!!" He dropped the ball also = =! Am I that scary? Son of a B**ch.

So yeah, we won POLO, 1st BABY!!! WOOHOO!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you Adure!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I now realize something which has been right in front of my eyes, but never really did pay attention because of my clouded judgement. I'm only needed by you when you need something, or can't do anything on your own. Not even for a bloody normal conversation. As usual, I'm left out, nothing heard nor said.

So now, I've decided as strong emotionally as I am physically. Doing this next step is going to be the hardest thing to do, but its for the best I guess. To tell all of you the truth, I'm on the verge of a complete breakdown but being in a family of boys and having no one to depend on, seeing that everyone depends on me to do every fucking thing for them, I've developed nerves of steel.

Yet writing this, is already getting me chocked up and yeah. This is the final decision and nothing can change my mind, even if you change.
Time will never heal this...
Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you Adure!